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Friday, June 11, 2010

Gluten Free Tarts Made with Aleia's Gluten Free Almond Horns!

We are always searching for new recipes, and so happy when our fans write to us to share their favorites with us.  Here is one from a fan of our delicious Almond Horn Cookies

The recipe makes two easy, super tasty gluten free tarts:

Use one and a half Aleia's Gluten Free Almond Horn cookie for each tart. For two tarts use three almond horns. Crumble the almond horns very finely and mix them in a food processor with enough butter to hold the crumbled horns together. I suggest 2 tbs of butter for three almond horns. Then squeeze the mixture till it holds together. Divide the mixture and press into two tart pans (three and a half inch width) on the sides and bottom leaving room for the ingredients that you chose to put into the tart. Bake in a 320 degree oven until golden brown, about ten minutes.

Let the crusts cool and put in lemon curd or creme anglais (vanilla custard), and put fresh fruit on top; or without the filling melt 2 tbs of raspberry jelly and glaze the bottom of the tart, put on fruit and use the rest to glaze the fruit itself.

Add whipped cream if you wish.

They are so delicious.I'm going right now and make some more.
Best regards,
M. Davis

Thank you Mr. Davis for sharing your creative use of Aleia's Gluten Free Almond Horns! 

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